The Expedition Island Webcam

Our Expedition Island webcam shows the flowing waters through the Island, the poised-for-flight pelican art sculpture "Maestro" at his permanent location on the eastern side of the Island, and the Trona Bridge, which connects edestrians to and from the Island to the south side of Green River.

The Expedition Island Bridge Webcam

The Entrance to Expedition Island and the Green River.

The Green River Visitor Center Webcam

The beauty of Green River is depicted through the eyes of our City webcam located at the Visitor's Center which overlooks the Palisades, the Killdeer Wetlands and surrounding areas.

The Astle Avenue Webcam

This webcam shows the beauty of the flowing waters of the Green, incoming Union Pacific trains from the east, traffic flowing over the Uinta Bridge, and the breathtaking landscape of hilltops and mountains.

The Mansface Mountain Webcam

Our Mansface webcam shows a birds-eye view of Green River. Though this webcam sits high up on the mountaintop, still viewable are trees, homes, mountains, the railroad, and Interstate-80. Mansface Hill is named for its rock outcroppings, which form the shape of a face looking up into the sky. This page will refresh every 45 seconds.