View the playground equipment via an interactive map at the following link:


Play equipment at Parks listed from top to bottom (pictured above):

Centennial Park - Features a large net and double slides recommended for ages 5-12.

Evers Park - A dinosaur themed park that holds a small rock wall, slam bar, and slides. Perfect for ages 2-12.

Expedition Island Park - Holds a line of regular swings and two large saucer swings made for ages 2-12. 

Hutton Park I - Features different slides and climbing equipment recommended for ages 2-12. 

Riverside Memorial Park - A small park with two different slides perfect for ages 2-12. 

Hoover Park - Complete ADA compliant play area that features a ramp, slides, and more, perfect for ages 2-12.

Collier Park - Features swings, large and small slides, climbing equipment, and more recommended for ages 2-12. 

Andrews Park - A perfect spot to climb, slide, and swing that's recommended for ages 2-12. 

Logan Park - Featuring different climbing nets and swings made for ages 2-12.

Veterans Park - A large net made for climbing recommended for ages 5-12. 

Anvil Park - A large park that holds slides, swings, games, and more made for ages 2-12. 

Pioneer Park - A small park that holds a slide and other climbing equipment, great for ages 2-12.

Indian Hills Park - Features a train with money bars, large and small slides, and other climbing equipment perfect for ages 2-12. 

Clearview Park - This park is one of our smaller parks in town featuring two little slides, and climbing equipment. Perfect for ages 2-5.

Medicine Park East - Test your balance with the different spinning equipment, steps, and climbing walls and nets. Perfect for ages 5-12.

Medicine Park West - A large climbing net recommended for ages 5-12. 

Apache Trail Park - Featuring a large climbing net, swings, and balancing walk perfect for ages 5-12.

Edgewater Park - A western themed park featuring a wagon, train, and so much more perfect for ages 2-12. 

Wyoming Park - Features slides, monkey bars, a climbing wall and more recommended for ages 5-12.

FMC Park - A tiny playground that features two slides and games great for ages 2-5.