7:00PM Call to Order: January 17, 2017 Council
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Paula Siddoway is being recognized for 31 years of service with the Green River Police Department. Paula will retire from the City on January 31, 2017.
Citizen Requests and Other Communications
Now is the appropriate time for citizens in the audience to be recognized and to speak on items both on the agenda and of general concern for them as citizens of Green River. There will be a limit of three (3) minutes for each individual and five (5) minutes for a group spokesperson. No speaker shall speak more than twice on any issue.
Board and Committee Appointments
Appointment of Two (2) Council Members to the Finance Committee
The Finance Committee consists of the Mayor, two Council Members, Director of Finance and the City Administrator. The members of the Finance Committee will attend meetings during the budget season to discuss budget issues and report back to the remaining members of the council.

Suggested Motion: I move to confirm the Mayor's appointment of Council Members _____________ and ________________ to the Finance Committee beginning January 1, 2017. 
Consideration to Approve a Resolution Transfering Personnel Funds from the Patrol Division to the Records Division
The pending retirement of an administrative assistant in our Police Records Division will have a negative impact on its personnel funds budget. Having not filled all budgeted positions in the Patrol Division, and the need to replace the administrative position, it is requested to move excess funds from our Patrol Division into the Records Division. This does not impact the overall budget and is not a request for additional funds from the General Fund.

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the resolution to transfer $33,000 from the Patrol Division personnel funds to the Records Division for the purpose of refilling a vacant position.
  1. PD Resolution.pdf
Consideration to Approve a Resolution Increasing the Solid Waste Fund
With the City of Green River Landfill nearing capacity, the Solid Waste Division has begun diverting many City garbage trucks to the Solid Waste District #1 Landfill near Rock Springs earlier than anticipated. Additional expenditure authority is needed within the Solid Waste Fund to allow the continued export of City collected municipal solid waste to Solid Waste District #1 for the remainder of the 2017 fiscal year. This practice will preserve what limited capacity is left at the Green River Landfill for local self-haul homeowner waste until the Landfill must be closed and the Transfer Station is available.

Suggested Motion: I move approve the Resolution to increase the Solid Waste Fund in the amount of $200,000 for payment of Landfill tipping fees to Solid Waste District #1.
Council Action Items
Consideration to Approve the Submission of a Program Development Grant to the Wyoming State Forestry Division
The purpose of this grant is to accomplish a comprehensive tree inventory and plot all city trees on a software program. The software program plots all trees on an interactive map which would be available to the public via the City's website. The data from the tree inventory will allow us to manage the urban forest more efficiently, make informed decisions regarding species and location of future tree plantings and serve as a public education tool. The grant does not require a cash match. The 50/50 match will be made primarily through in-kind services from the software company as well as some staff time to assist with the tree inventory.

Suggested Motion: I move to authorize the submission of a Program Development Grant with the Wyoming State Forestry Division, in the amount of $10,000, for a tree inventory and plotter software program.
Consideration to Approve the Submission of the Rails to Trails Grant Application to the Doppelt Trail Development Fund
This is a Rails to Trails grant through the Doppelt Trail Development Fund. The application is for a $50,000 no match grant to be used to crack, fill, crack seal and seal coat on the Greenbelt Pathway from the 530 Uinta Bridge to Scotts Bottom

Suggested Motion: I move to authorize the submission of the Rails to Trails Grant, in the amount of $50,000, to Doppelt Trail Development Fund.
Consideration of the Partial Acceptance of Work Completed for the WYDOT Urban Systems Streets Project
During 2016, the Wyoming Department of Transportation contracted with Lewis & Lewis, Inc. for the reconstruction of portions of East Teton Boulevard, West Teton Boulevard, and Hitching Post Drive as the Green River Streets Urban Systems Project. The project is now substantially complete, with a list of minor items remaining to be completed during 2017. The Contractor has requested partial acceptance of the completed improvements, in accordance with their contract with WYDOT. WYDOT is seeking the City’s concurrence for the partial acceptance of the completed improvements.  

Suggested Motion:  I move to authorize the Mayor to sign the WYDOT Acceptance Certificate for the Green River Streets Urban Systems Project, as conditioned by the City of Green River’s Pre-Final Walkthrough Punch List.
Consideration to Release Retainage for the Wayfinding Signage Project
The Wayfinding Signage Project was completed by Wyoming Signs, LLC, and advertised for Final Acceptance. There were no claims on this project.

Suggested Motion:  I move to release the retainage in the amount of $14,409.04 to Wyoming Signs LLC for the 2016 Wayfinding Signage Project.
Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes for:
January 3, 2017 Council
Approval of Payment of Bills:
Prepaid Invoices - $190,361.99
Outstanding Invoices - $278,881.27
Payroll Expenditures - $305,026.22
Preauthorization Payments - $1,065,100.00
City Administrator's Report
City Attorney's Report
Mayor and Council Reports