7:00PM Call to Order: January 2, 2019 Council
Pledge of Allegiance
Oath of Office
Newly Elected Council Members: Pete Rust, Gary Killpack, Mike Shutran and Jim Zimmerman
Approval of Agenda
Citizen Requests and Other Communications
Now is the appropriate time for citizens in the audience to be recognized and to speak on items both on the agenda and of general concern for them as citizens of Green River. There will be a limit of three (3) minutes for each individual and five (5) minutes for a group spokesperson. No speaker shall speak more than twice on any issue.
Board and Committee Appointments
Appointment of Two Council Members to the Finance Committee
The Finance Committee consists of the Mayor, two Council Members, the Director of Finance and the City Administrator. The members of the committee will attend meetings during the budget season.

Suggested Motion: I move to confirm the Mayor's appointment of Council  Member __________ and Council Member __________ to the Finance Committee for a term beginning January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019.
Consideration of a Resolution Establishing and Designating Bank Depositories for the City of Green River
Financial institutions must file an application once a year with the Finance Officer/Treasurer including a certified copy of the resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of the banking institution as established by Section 9-4-806 of the Wyoming State Statutes.  

Suggested Motion:
I move to approve the resolution officially establishing and designating bank depositories for the purpose of earning a secured rate of return for the City of Green River.
Council Action Items
Consideration of a Bid Award to Jack's Truck & Equipment for a New Heavy Duty Conventional Cab Chassis with Sewer/Catch Basin Cleaner Body
The City solicited Bids for a Sewer/Catch Basin truck for the Environmental Systems Division.  Five Bids were received from vendors. Upon review of the information submitted with the Bids, several of the Bids have been determined to be non-compliant with the specifications. Staff is recommending awarding the Bid to Jack’s Truck & Equipment Bid #1, which includes a Vactor body mounted on a Freightliner chassis. The total cost of the vehicle with the trade in of unit 42-34, a 1992 Sewer/Catch Basin Truck, will be $513,924.

Suggested Motion:
 I move to award the Bid for a New Heavy Duty Conventional Cab Chassis with Sewer/Catch Basin Cleaner Body to Jack’s Truck & Equipment Bid #1 in the amount of $513,924.
Consideration to Enter into an Agreement with the YWCA Center for Families and Children
The YWCA CFC submitted a request to the City asking for help in purchasing a transport vehicle. Last spring one of their transport vehicles was in a hit and run accident. The vehicle was totaled and the insurance proceeds were not enough to purchase a new vehicle. The YWCA CFC is requesting the City of Green River, the City of Rock Springs and Sweetwater County help obtain an additional $15,000 to purchase a new transport. The City recommends giving the YWCA CFC $3,500 to help purchase a new transport.

Suggested Motion: I move to enter into an agreement with the YWCA Sweetwater County Center for Families and Children, to help purchase a new transport vehicle, in the amount of $3,500.
Consideration to Sell the Older Animal Control Truck to Lyman, Wyoming Police Department
The Lyman Police Department asked the City if they would be willing to donate or sell very inexpensively one of our old animal control trucks. The City has a 2003 ACO truck, which the Police Department was intending to surplus. The truck would benefit the Lyman Police Department significantly. If the truck is sold to Lyman PD it will save the City a considerable amount of time in taking off the police equipment that must be removed before it could be sold to the public, thus staff is recommending to sell the truck to the Lyman PD for the title transfer fees.

Suggested Motion: I move to sell a 2003 Chevrolet Animal Control truck to the Town of  Lyman for the cost of the title transfer fees.
Consideration of the Election of Council President and Vice-President

Suggested Motion: I move to elect Council Member __________ as Council President and Council Member __________ as Council Vice-President.
Consent Agenda
Approval of a WYDOT Landscaping Agreement

Suggested Motion:
I move to approve the WYDOT Landscaping Agreement and authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement, pending legal approval.
  1. Agenda - WYDOT.pdf
Horse Corral Lease with Stephanie Eastman

Suggested Motion: I move to enter into a lease agreement with Stephanie Eastman for horse corral spaces 84 and 85.
  1. Horse Corral.pdf
Approval to Accept the Public Officials Disclosure Forms

Suggested Motion: I move for the City Clerk to accept the Public Officials Disclosure Forms as submitted.
Approval of the City's Support of the Great Divide Economic Development Coalition and their Interest in Updating the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the City of Green River's contribution to help the Great Divide Economic Development Coalition pay for the update to the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, in the amount of $1,000.
Approval of Payment of Bills:
Outstanding Invoices - $320,127.92
Payroll Expenditures - $323,708.47
  1. 1-2-19 Payroll.pdf
Preauthorization Payments - $1,065,000.00
City Administrator's Report
City Attorney's Report
Mayor and Council Board Updates & Reports
Executive Session