Call to Order: January 7, 2020 Council


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Agenda




Cervical Health Awareness Month


Human Trafficking Prevention Month


Board and Committee Appointments


Appointment of Two Council Members to the Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of the Mayor, two council members, the City Administrator and the Director of Finance. The members of the committee will attend meetings during the budget session.

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the Mayor's appointment of Council Member __________ and Council Member ____________ to the Finance Committee beginning January 1, 2020 and Ending December 31, 2020.

Citizen Requests and Other Communications

Now is the appropriate time for citizens in the audience to be recognized and to speak on items both on the agenda and of general concern for them as citizens of Green River. There will be a limit of three (3) minutes for each individual and five (5) minutes for a group spokesperson. No speaker shall speak more than twice on any issue.



Consideration of a Resolution to Allow Certain Emergency Responders to Use/Run Emergency Lights While Responding in Privately Owned Vehicles within the City Limits

Wyoming Law allows privately owned vehicles of certain emergency responders to use emergency lighting and qualify as "authorized emergency vehicles" as long as the vehicle lighting and marking conform to statutory requirements.

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the resolution to allow certain emergency responders to use/run emergency lights while responding in privately owned vehicles within city limits.

Consideration of a Resolution Establishing and Designating Bank Depositories for the City of Green River

Financial Institutions must file an application once a year with the Finance/Treasurer including a certified copy of the resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of the banking institution as established by Section 9-4-806 of the Wyoming State Statutes.

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the resolution officially establishing and designating bank depositories for the purpose of earning a secured rate of return for the City of Green River.

Council Action Items


Consideration of the Election of Council President and Vice-President

At the first council in January of each year the Council holds elections for Council President and Vice-President.

Suggested Motion: I move to elect Council Member _________ as Council President and Council Member _____________ as Council Vice-President.

Consideration of a Memorandum of Understanding regarding Child Forensic Interview Training

The Green River Police Department, Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office, Rock Springs Police Department and the Sweetwater County Attorney's Office wish to host a Child Forensic Interview Training Course taught by the National Children's Advocacy Center February 3 - 7, 2020. Training jointly in this matter will ensure consistency in child victims interviews between all agencies utilizing recognized best practices, while building teamwork between interviewers and prosecutors that will enhance case outcomes.

Hosting the training locally is economically beneficial as it reduces the costs of travel and subsistence that would be required to obtain the training elsewhere. The proposed MOU delineates how the cost will be distributed among participating agencies.

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the MOU to participate in Child Forensic Interview Training and authorize Mayor Rust to sign the agreement, pending legal approval.

  1. Agenda - MOU.pdf

Consideration of an Agreement with StateFire to provide Fire Alarm Monitoring Services at Transfer Station

The Transfer Station Post-Fire Mechanical and Electrical Repair Project is nearing completion.  Part of this project is to install a Fire Detection System.  StateFire also is under contract to conduct the monitoring of other City of Green River Facilities Fire Alarm Systems. 

Suggested Motion: I move to authorize the Mayor to sign the Fire/Security Alarm Monitoring One (1) Year Agreement with StateFire for the Transfer Station.

Consideration of Partial Release of Retainage for 2019 Evans & Knotty Pine Street Reconstruction Project

The Evans portion (Schedule A) of the 2019 Evans & Knotty Pine Street Reconstruction Project has been completed by DeBernardi Construction Company, with the exception of a few items.  The remaining items are called out on a punch list.  No claims have been filed on this project and lien waivers have been received from known subcontractors and material suppliers.

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the partial release of retainage, in the amount of $55,939.34 to DeBernardi Construction Company, Inc. for the 2019 Evans & Knotty Pine Street Reconstruction Project.


Consent Agenda


Approval to Accept the Public Officials Disclosure Forms

Suggested Motion: I move for the City Clerk to accept the Public Officials Disclosure Forms as submitted.

Approval of a Sponsorship Agreement with the Memorial Hospital Foundation

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the agreement with Memorial Hospital Foundation, in the amount of $750 for the Sponsorship of the Red Tie Gala, pending legal approval.

Approval of the Sponsorship Agreement with the Child Development Center

Suggested Motion: I move to approve an agreement with the Sweetwater County Child Development Center, for  the sponsorship of child development services art gala, in the amount of $500, pending legal approval.

Approval of an Agreement with Barracuda Networks, Inc.

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the agreement with Barracuda Networks, Inc. to provide support services and upgrades for the Barracuda Spam filter.

Approval of Payment of Bills:


Prepaid Invoices - $721.45


Outstanding Invoices - $303,634.99


Payroll Expenditures - $652,955.45


Preauthorization Payments - $1,065,000.00


City Administrator's Report


City Attorney's Report


Mayor and Council Board Updates & Reports


Executive Session