7:00PM Call to Order: March 19, 2019 Council
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Recognition of the 2019 State Champions - Sweetwater County's Aquatic Team
Climb Wyoming Update
Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition (SEDC) Update
Citizen Requests and Other Communications
Now is the appropriate time for citizens in the audience to be recognized and to speak on items both on the agenda and of general concern for them as citizens of Green River. There will be a limit of three (3) minutes for each individual and five (5) minutes for a group spokesperson. No speaker shall speak more than twice on any issue.
Consideration of a Resolution to Modify the General Fund Budget for the Animal Control Division
This is a request to move $1,720 located in the Animal Control Restricted Funds to the General Fund Animal Control Division. Landscaping bricks and chain-link fence have been purchased and installed in the backyard area of the Animal Shelter. Currently, the area is not usable due to it not being escape proof. The area will be renovated to provide a yard space for dogs to play and for citizens to have hands on experience with the animal along with "meet and greets" with animals to ensure compatibility prior to the adoption. Citizens that come in to the Shelter often donate money to the shelter. These donations are turned in with a letter from the person donating specifically requesting the money be used at or for the Animal Shelter.
Suggested Motion: I move to approve the resolution modifying the General Fund Budget for the Animal Control Division, in the amount of $1,720 for improvements to the backyard area at the shelter and authorize the City Treasurer to make the changes to the Fiscal Year Budget ending June 30, 2019.
Council Action Items
Consideration to Award the Bid for the 2017 Capital Improvement Project Phase II Reconstruction Project
The Bid Opening for the 2017 CIP Phase II Reconstruction Project was held on February 28, 2019. Two Bids were received for the Project, with Bid Alternatives for surfacing and water line installation across Flaming Gorge at North 5th East. The apparent low base bid is from Longhorn Construction in the amount of $273,694.98. The project includes water line installation in North 5th East from the north side of Flaming Gorge to the Alley to the South, drainage system improvements and surfacing for North 5th East, water line work in North 3rd East, and drainage system improvements and surfacing for Railroad Avenue.

Bid Alternate A is for concrete pavement and Bid Alternate B is for asphaltic pavement.  We are recommending the concrete option due to its comparable costs and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the road.

Bid Alternates C & D are for water line installation under Flaming Gorge Way, Bid Alt C by boring methods and Bid Alt D by open cut methods. We are recommending the boring option due to limiting surface disturbance and lessening the impairment to traffic.

Awarding the Base Bid with Bid Alternatives A & C, results in a total Contract Amount of $456,344.98.

Suggested Motion: I move to award the 2017 Capital Improvement Project Phase II Reconstruction Project, including the Base Bid, Bid Alternative A and Bid Alternative C, to Longhorn Construction, Inc., in the amount of $456,344.98, and authorize the Mayor to sign the Agreement.
Consideration of an Award for the 2017 CIP Phase II Reconstruction Project Materials Testing
On February 11, 2019 Requests for Price Proposals were sent out to the firms in the area with expertise in materials testing services. Three firms responded by the February 26, 2019 deadline. A Services Agreement for materials testing services related to the 2017 CIP Phase II Reconstruction Project from Inberg-Miller Engineers was selected.

Suggested Motion: I move to award a Services Agreement to Inberg Miller Engineers for materials testing services for the 2017 CIP Phase II Reconstruction Project, in the amount of $4,300 and authorize the Mayor to sign the Contract.
Consideration to Award a Bid to Premier Vehicle Installation for the Upfitting of the New Police Vehicles
Four trucks have been ordered to replace aging police vehicles. These vehicles will need to be upfitted with police vehicle equipment once they arrive. The upfitting will be part of the lease so it will not be a direct expenditure but will be part of the lease agreement for the police vehicles. Five bids were received for the upfitting. The lowest bid did not include some of the specified equipment. The next lowest bid was from Premier Vehicle Installation. The bid uses a different brand of light control system than was in the specifications. Staff has reviewed the proposed equipment and have found it provides equivalent performance to the brand specified. Staff recommends awarding the bid to Premier Vehicle Installation.

Suggested Motion:
I move to award the bid to Premier Vehicle Installation for upfitting four police vehicles, in the amount of $65,455.68.
Consideration to Apply for the Assistance to Firefighters Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant
The Green River Fire Department is requesting permission to apply for the AFG SAFER Grant. The SAFER Grant period is now opened and will close on March 22, 2019. The SAFER Grant is used to bring in new positions for fire departments throughout the nation. This is a grant that has a cycle of three years which the grant will cover the cost of salaries and benefits for these positions. This grant is a cost share program in which the federal portion will cover 75% of the salaries in the first and second year, then will cover 35% for the third and final year. If awarded this grant we will put the appropriate funds in the Fire Department budget to cover the share cost of this grant. This will be for a fourth position in the Fire Department to focus their time on pre-plans and inspection purposes for the City of Green River. The anticipated award date for this grant will be July 31, 2019.

Suggested Motion: I move to authorize the Fire Department to apply for AFG Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant, in the amount of $231,250, from the Department of Homeland Security. The City of Green River's portion will be $143,750 for the salary of this person over the next three fiscal years.
Consent Agenda
Approval of an Agreement with Pound Rockout Workout, LLC

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the Pound Host-Facility Agreements for Part-time Aerobics Staff Training from Pound Rockout Workout, LLC in June, 2019, pending legal approval.
  1. Agenda - Pound.pdf
Approval to Submit a Grant Application to the State of Wyoming Department of Agriculture

Suggested Motion:  I move to authorize staff to write and submit a 2019 Wyoming Emergency Insect Management Program Grant, in the amount of $15,000.
Approval of the Minutes for:
March 5, 2019 Council
Approval of Payment of Bills:
Prepaid Invoices - $108,100.08
Outstanding Invoices - $367,038.18
Payroll Expenditures - $291,007.40
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Preauthorization Payments - $1,065,000.00
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