Call to Order: September 6, 2022 Council


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Agenda




Hunger Action Month


POW/MIA Recognition Day


Suicide Prevention Awareness Month




Emergency Medical Service Award to Officer Kyle Delisser

On June 29th, 2022 officers of the Green River Police Department were called to 409 E. Flaming Gorge Way for a male subject who was unresponsive on the floor. Officer Delisser arrived at the scene to find the male subject unresponsive and drooling. Officer Delisser evaluated the man and found unknown pills in the man’s mouth. Prescription bottles for narcotic drugs were found nearby. Based on his training, Officer Delisser recognized the signs of a likely overdose and administered Narcan to the man who then started to become coherent and more responsive. The man would have likely died without the medical intervention provided by Officer Delisser. Officer Delisser is commended for his quick thinking and providing of life saving measures. His actions are a credit to the Green River Police Department and City of Green River.


Citizen Requests and Other Communications

Now is the appropriate time for citizens in the audience to be recognized and to speak on items both on the agenda and of general concern for them as citizens of Green River. There will be a limit of three (3) minutes for each individual and five (5) minutes for a group spokesperson. No speaker shall speak more than twice on any issue.

Board and Committee Appointments


Appointment of Wendy Miller to the URA/Main Street Board

Wendy Miller has volunteered to fill the unexpired term of Nick Montgomery who resigned on May 16, 2022. Currently, Wendy is volunteering to help recruit committee members and help with the restructuring of the Board so it can become more effective.  

Suggested Motion: I move to confirm the Mayor's appointment of Wendy Miller to the URA/Main Street Board filling Nick Montgomery's unexpired term.




Consideration of a Resolution to Accept a Donation from TATA Chemicals

TATA Chemicals has donated $1,000 to the City for the Police Department in support of the National Night Out and Faith & Blue events. The funds are intended to be used to help advertise the events, increase participation and provide awards for those participating. 

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the resolution to accept the donation from TATA Chemicals, in the amount of $1,000 for the Police Department. 


Council Action Items


Consideration of an Amendment to the Agreement with Long Building Technologies

The City has an agreement with Long Building Technologies for HVAC Services at City buildings that renews every year. Long Building Technologies has requested an increase in rates per building, as shown in the attached letter that was sent to the City. They have not raised rates for a long time and the Parks Department agrees with the rate increase.

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the increase in rates for all five buildings with a total increase of $641 as requested by Long Building Technologies and authorize the Mayor to sign the letter.


Consideration of an Agreement with Ron Turley Associates, Inc. for Cloud Based Hosting Services

The City has utilized the Ron Turley Associates (RTA) Fleet Management Software to manage the City's Fleet operation for the last 32 years. This software is relied on daily for tracking the Fleet. Moving to the RTA Cloud Hosting Service for our software can be better supported, up to date and RTA can provide a higher quality of service. The support we receive will be the same as it has been.  

Suggested Motion: I move to have the RTA Fleet Management Software moved from the City's on premises servers to RTA's Cloud Based Hosting Service and authorize the Mayor to sign the Agreement.


Consideration of the Submission of Form 2740 to the Bureau of Land Management

Currently, the City leases a Tract of Land in the SE/4 of Section 26 Township 18N Range 107W from the Bureau of Land Management under Lease Number WYW 45075. This lease is a Recreation and Public Purpose Lease for Stratton Meyers Park and adjacent lands. The local BLM office state they would be interested in pursuing a Land Grant to the City. This application will start the Land Grant process.

Suggested Motion: I move to authorize the Mayor to sign the Application and submit the Application.  

  1. BLM Form 2740.pdf

Consideration to approve a sculpture donation by the Green River Arts Council and Green River Development Fund, Inc.

Consideration to accept a donation from the Green River Development Fund, Inc. of an otter sculpture located at Expedition Island. 

Suggested Motion: I move to accept the Green River Development Fund, Inc. donation of "Otter" to be included in the City of Green River's Sculpture Showcase property. 


Consent Agenda


Authorization to Transfer Mansface Liquors, Inc Liquor License

Suggested Motion: I move to authorize the transfer of Mansface Liquors, Inc. liquor license to cater a wedding on September 17, 2022 from 4 pm until 11:59 pm, at 229 Old Stauffer Road, pending approval by the Sweetwater County Commissioners. 


Issuance of a Open Container Permit to the Green River Development Fund, Inc

Suggested Motion: I move to approve the issuance of an open container permit to the Green River Development Fund, Inc for the Downtown Street Fair event on September 17, 2022, from 10 am until 2 am, within the areas shown on the attached map.


Approval of Minutes for:


August 16, 2022 Council


August 19, 2022 Special Council


Approval of Payment of Bills:


Prepaid Invoices - $190,717.34


Outstanding Invoices - $1,135,603.94


Payroll Expenditures - $448,131.60


Preauthorization Payments - $1,065,000.00


City Administrator's Report


City Attorney's Report


Mayor and Council Board Updates & Reports


Executive Session