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Posted on: May 14, 2018

Press Release for May 14, 2018

Green River Police Department press release for May 14, 2018
Incidents from 05-11-2018 0600hrs to 05-14-2018 0600hrs
The charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent
until and unless proven guilty.
 Chief Tom Jarvie
Incident Agency Reported Nature Incident address Clearance Code
G18050390 GRPD 08:01:01 05/11/18 Fire Alarm ALAMOSA CIR NFA
G18050391 GRPD 08:00:01 05/11/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050392 GRPD 08:00:00 05/11/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18050393 GRPD 10:29:24 05/11/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY STE A NFA
G18050394 GRPD 11:26:21 05/11/18 Suicidal   RTF
G18050395 GRPD 12:11:46 05/11/18 Follow-up ARIZONA ST NFA
G18050396 GRPD 12:40:56 05/11/18 VIN Inspection HACKBERRY ST NFA
G18050397 GRPD 12:47:52 05/11/18 Suspicious 580 E FLAMING GORGE WAY RTF
Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person, who had been at the business earlier and had 
since left. Officers spoke with the reporting party regarding the incident.  
G18050398 GRPD 12:56:35 05/11/18 VIN Inspection NEW HAMPSHIRE ST NFA
G18050399 GRPD 13:05:01 05/11/18 Traffic Stop S CENTER ST & E 3RD S NFA
G18050400 GRPD 13:39:28 05/11/18 Traffic Offense MONROE AVE & UINTA DR NFA
G18050401 GRPD 14:05:11 05/11/18 Fire ARAPAHOE CIR RTF
Officers were dispatched to a report of a fire in the basement of a residence. The fire appeared to have 
been in a room where home renovations were taken place, there was minimal damage and no injuries
reported. There were no indications of any criminal acts related to the incident.
G18050402 GRPD 14:19:40 05/11/18 911 Calls   NFA
G18050403 GRPD 14:29:43 05/11/18 Juvenile-SRO   RTF
Officers spoke with a juvenile, in reference to a report of a found school key. 
G18050404 GRPD 14:37:31 05/11/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18050405 GRPD 15:18:26 05/11/18 VIN Inspection 80 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18050406 GRPD 15:19:04 05/11/18 Welfare Check   NFA
G18050407 GRPD 15:46:23 05/11/18 Vandalism BRIDGER DR RTF
Officers responded to a report of a malicious mischief. Officers met with the reporting party who 
advised the exterior of their vehicle had been damaged. Officers completed a report regarding the
G18050408 GRPD 15:47:10 05/11/18 Welfare Check   NFA
G18050409 GRPD 15:55:55 05/11/18 Suspicious 1055 W TETON BLVD; TRUMAN SCHOOL NFA
G18050410 GRPD 17:06:25 05/11/18 Fire Alarm 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18050411 GRPD 16:00:00 05/11/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18050413 GRPD 19:57:37 05/11/18 Field Contact 175 SCOTTS BOTTOM RD; FMC PARK NFA
G18050414 GRPD 16:00:01 05/11/18 Extra Patrol   UNF
G18050415 GRPD 21:14:08 05/11/18 Welfare Check   NFA
G18050416 GRPD 23:44:51 05/11/18 EMS   RTF
Officers were dispatched to a residence, in reference to a report of a battery. Officers investigated
the incident and contacted Jess Allred, age 33 of Green River, who was arrested for simple battery. 
G18050417 GRPD 00:27:49 05/12/18 911 Calls   NFA
G18050418 GRPD 01:25:43 05/12/18 911 Calls   NFA
G18050419 GRPD 02:28:51 05/12/18 911 Calls   NFA
G18050420 GRPD 00:00:00 05/12/18 Property Watch  
G18050421 GRPD 00:00:01 05/12/18 Extra Patrol   UNF
G18050422 GRPD 07:14:20 05/12/18 Alarm ALASKA DR NFA
G18050423 GRPD 07:39:36 05/12/18 Animal Calls KENTUCKY ST NFA
Officers received a barking dog complaint and a request for a welfare check on the dog. Officers 
contacted individuals who were checking on the dogs at the residence. The dogs were okay and let
back into the garage. 
G18050424 GRPD 08:05:36 05/12/18 EMS   NFA
G18050425 GRPD 08:00:00 05/12/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18050426 GRPD 08:27:57 05/12/18 Follow-up CALIFORNIA WAY NFA
G18050427 GRPD 08:50:37 05/12/18 Suicidal   RTF
G18050428 GRPD 09:03:57 05/12/18 Animal Calls EASY CIR & KNOTTY PINE ST NFA
G18050429 GRPD 09:36:08 05/12/18 Citizen Assist 430 UINTA DR; DOMINOS PIZZA-GREEN RIVER NFA
G18050430 GRPD 10:05:23 05/12/18 Animal Calls 80 E TETON BLVD; GREEN RIVER ANIMAL CONTROL NFA
G18050431 GRPD 12:00:02 05/12/18 Welfare Check   NFA
G18050432 GRPD 12:42:46 05/12/18 Juvenile   NFA
G18050433 GRPD 12:55:39 05/12/18 Suspicious UPLAND WAY & PHEASANT DR RTF
Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person. Officers met with the reporting party who 
advised an individual in a vehicle stopped in the roadway, asked if they wanted to buy a ring and left. 
Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the described vehicle or individual. 
G18050434 GRPD 12:56:51 05/12/18 Information N 3RD E NFA
G18050435 GRPD 13:07:22 05/12/18 Follow-up 1480 UINTA DR; CASTLE ROCK AMBULANCE NFA
G18050436 GRPD 08:00:00 05/12/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050437 GRPD 15:01:00 05/12/18 Animal Calls W TETON BLVD NFA
G18050438 GRPD 15:11:37 05/12/18 Citizen Assist 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18050439 GRPD 13:21:40 05/12/18 Escort   NFA
G18050440 GRPD 15:33:16 05/12/18 911 Calls   NFA
G18050441 GRPD 15:35:08 05/12/18 Found Property 0 YARD RR817; RR817 RTF
Officers met with an individual who turned in found drug paraphernalia. The found paraphernalia was
taken to the police department to be stored pending future destruction. 
G18050442 GRPD 16:10:39 05/12/18 Traffic Hazard E FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18050443 GRPD 15:37:16 05/12/18 Traffic Offense ADAMS ST GOA
G18050444 GRPD 16:13:32 05/12/18 Information N 1ST E NFA
G18050445 GRPD 16:20:41 05/12/18 Animal Calls 599 E 4TH S; MCDONALDS - GREEN RIVER NFA
G18050446 GRPD 17:17:48 05/12/18 Citizen Assist CLARK ST NFA
G18050447 GRPD 17:25:20 05/12/18 Welfare Check   NFA
G18050448 GRPD 17:43:48 05/12/18 Abuse   NFA
G18050449 GRPD 17:57:05 05/12/18 Civil Issues HITCHING POST DR RTF
Officers responded to a report of a child custody dispute. Officers contacted the involved parties
and completed a report regarding the incident. 
G18050450 GRPD 18:19:30 05/12/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18050451 GRPD 18:28:04 05/12/18 Animal Calls FIR ST NFA
G18050452 GRPD 20:13:09 05/12/18 Civil Issues SOUTH CAROLINA DR NFA
G18050453 GRPD 20:20:08 05/12/18 Suspicious BIRCH ST NFA
G18050454 GRPD 20:31:08 05/12/18 EMS  
G18050455 GRPD 20:22:03 05/12/18 Civil Issues N 1ST E NFA
G18050456 GRPD 20:57:44 05/12/18 Shots Fired WILSON ST NFA
G18050457 GRPD 21:22:28 05/12/18 Welfare Check   NFA
G18050458 GRPD 16:00:02 05/12/18 Extra Patrol  
G18050459 GRPD 16:00:01 05/12/18 Property Watch  
G18050460 GRPD 23:33:27 05/12/18 Security Check 801 CEMETERY RD; RIVERVIEW CEMETERY NFA
G18050461 GRPD 23:00:00 05/12/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050462 GRPD 00:00:00 05/13/18 Property Watch  
G18050463 GRPD 00:16:21 05/13/18 Open Property   NFA
G18050464 GRPD 00:16:49 05/13/18 Field Contact ALABAMA DR & E TETON BLVD NFA
G18050465 GRPD 00:00:01 05/13/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050466 GRPD 02:22:40 05/13/18 Alcohol Offense N 4TH E & E FLAMING GORGE WAY RTF
Newcomb Cummings, age 53 of Green River ,was arrested for driving while under the influence of 
Richard Terry, age 64 of Green River, was arrested for public intoxication. 
G18050467 GRPD 02:44:28 05/13/18 Domestic Violence   RTF
Officers responded to a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers contact the resident who 
reported a domestic dispute that was physical occurred between them and another individual who 
left the residence.  Officers later contacted the other involved party and completed a report 
regarding the incident. 
G18050468 GRPD 04:45:02 05/13/18 Follow-up OHIO WAY NFA
G18050469 GRPD 07:00:00 05/13/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050470 GRPD 07:50:38 05/13/18 EMS   NFA
G18050471 GRPD 08:04:15 05/13/18 Animal Calls EVANS ST NFA
G18050472 GRPD 08:00:00 05/13/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18050473 GRPD 09:30:06 05/13/18 VIN Inspection JEFFERSON ST NFA
G18050474 GRPD 10:20:05 05/13/18 Domestic Violence   RTF
G18050475 GRPD 11:00:18 05/13/18 Follow-up BRIDGER DR  NFA
G18050476 GRPD 08:00:00 05/13/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050477 GRPD 12:00:50 05/13/18 EMS   NFA
G18050478 GRPD 12:43:55 05/13/18 Agency Assist CROSSBOW DR NFA
G18050479 GRPD 14:36:11 05/13/18 Animal Calls 80 E TETON BLVD; GREEN RIVER ANIMAL CONTROL NFA
G18050480 GRPD 15:13:12 05/13/18 REDDI UINTA DR & SHOSHONE AVE NFA
G18050481 GRPD 15:42:25 05/13/18 Animal Calls HITCHING POST DR NFA
G18050482 GRPD 15:47:21 05/13/18 Civil Issues 80 E TETON BLVD; GREEN RIVER ANIMAL CONTROL NFA
G18050483 GRPD 16:28:28 05/13/18 Domestic Violence   RTF
Officers responded to a report a report of a domestic dispute that lead to physical contact. Officers 
investigated the incident and completed a report, which was forwarded to the Sweetwater County 
Attorney's Office for review. 
G18050484 GRPD 17:43:56 05/13/18 EMS   NFA
G18050485 GRPD 17:58:57 05/13/18 Welfare Check   NFA
G18050486 GRPD 17:58:50 05/13/18 Traffic Stop HACKBERRY ST NFA
G18050487 GRPD 18:00:52 05/13/18 Civil Issues N 1ST E NFA
G18050488 GRPD 19:05:34 05/13/18 911 Calls   NFA
G18050489 GRPD 15:00:00 05/13/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050490 GRPD 16:00:00 05/13/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050491 GRPD 19:51:24 05/13/18 Follow-up SOUTH CAROLINA CIR NFA
G18050492 GRPD 20:04:05 05/13/18 Property Damage 895 UINTA DR RTF
Officers responded to a report of an accidental damage, in which a customer left the fuel pump with 
the fuel pump handle still in their vehicle.  
G18050493 GRPD 21:32:50 05/13/18 Suspicious WILDERNESS TRL NFA
G18050494 GRPD 21:36:09 05/13/18 Juvenile   NFA
G18050495 GRPD 16:00:00 05/13/18 Property Watch   UNF
G18050496 GRPD 22:24:42 05/13/18 Follow-up OHIO WAY NFA
G18050497 GRPD 00:00:01 05/14/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050498 GRPD 23:00:00 05/13/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18050499 GRPD 00:00:00 05/14/18 Property Watch   UNF
G18050500 GRPD 02:11:04 05/14/18 Vandalism 38 N CENTER ST RTF
Officers observed spray paint on the exterior of the building. Officers completed a report regarding 
the incident, which is under investigation.  
G18050501 GRPD 05:03:33 05/14/18 EMS   NFA
Clearance Code Description of code
GOA Gone on Arrival
NFA No Further Action
OUT Out of Position
RTF Report to Follow
UNF Unfounded
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