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1. How often does the City have a surplus sale?
2. How do I get included on a bidders list?
3. Where do I make delivery of products?
4. How do I sign up for Utility services?

Fire Department

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1. Do you have any free car seats for children?
2. I have a question about Green River's fire codes - who do I call?

Geographic Information Systems

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1. What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?
2. What does it cost to obtain a hard copy of a map?

Human Resources

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1. How can I find out what jobs are available?

New Resident Information

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1. Where can I sign up for utilities?
2. Recycling?
3. Where are the parks?

Parks & Recreation

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1. What does it cost to use the Recreation Center?
2. What is there to do in Green River?
3. Where can I find directions to the Green River Recreation Center?

Public Works

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1. It seems like we're always plowed last. Why can't we be first sometimes?
2. Street light out in your neighborhood?

Recreation Center

Teen Court

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1. How does Teen Court work?
2. How are cases referred to Teen Court?
3. Who serves on the Teen Court jury?
4. Is there a dress code for Teen Court?
5. Who do I contact to volunteer for Teen Court?

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