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Stratton Myers Park


  1. Baseball Fields
  2. BBQ Grills
  3. Benches
  4. Bleachers
  5. Concession Stands
  6. Drinking Fountains
  7. Garbage Receptacles
  8. Greenbelt Pathway Access
  9. Ice Skating Area
  10. Lighted Areas
  11. Lighted Ball Fields/Athletic Fields
  12. Parking Areas
  13. Picnic Shelters
  14. Picnic Tables
  15. Ponds
  16. Portable Restrooms
  17. Restrooms - Stand Alone
  18. River Access
  19. Scenic View
  20. Soccer Fields
  21. Softball Fields
Stratton Myers Park is a 17 acre community park located at 1795 Bridger Drive. A popular recreational area for residents, Stratton Myers Park has numerous opportunities for families and friends. This park has baseball fields, soccer fields, a softball field, an amphitheater for summer events, picnic areas and grills, a large open space for recreation, and access to the Greenbelt Pathway and Green River. Stratton Myers Park is in a community location near FMC Park.

2 Baseball fields
Softball field
3 Soccer fields
Concession stand
10 Bleachers
3 Picnic shelters
9 Picnic tables
Barbecue grills – triple grill
2 ponds
Ice skating area
Greenbelt Pathway access
River access
Open field/Play area
Designated Parking areas
Lighted areas
Drinking fountain
Park benches
Garbage receptacles

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