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FMC Park


  1. BBQ Grills
  2. Garbage Receptacles
  3. Greenbelt Pathway Access
  4. Nature and Open Space Areas
  5. Parking Areas
  6. Picnic Shelters
  7. Picnic Tables
  8. Playground Equipment
  9. River Access
  10. Scenic View
  11. Trails/Nature Trails
FMC Park is a 637 acre community park located at 175 Scotts Bottom Road. A popular recreational area for Green River residents, FMC Park has numerous opportunities for families and friends. The playground was completed in 2001 with modern equipment. This park also has picnic areas and grills, a large open space for recreation, access to the Greenbelt Pathway and Green River, an outdoor archery range, an outdoor rifle shooting range, and an interpretive nature trail.

Nature Area
Nature Trails
Outdoor archery range
Outdoor Shooting Rifle Range
FMC Red Barn
River access
Greenbelt Pathway Access
10 Picnic tables
Playground equipment
2 Picnic Shelters
Barbecue grill – triple grill
5 Parking areas
Park Benches
Garbage receptacles

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