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Snow Removal
City of Green River Snow Operations
Each year with the onset of winter, the citizens of the City of Green River begin to prepare and brace for the snow, wind and cold. At the Public Works Department, the Street Division prepares for winter by fitting trucks and equipment for Snow Operation for the control of snow and ice. Often, many questions arise this time of year concerning our Snow Operations. To answer some of the questions and to better serve our customers, we have prepared this information on the City of Green River Snow Operations.  

Snow Control Equipment

The following is a list of equipment the City uses for snow and ice control. For very large storms and emergencies, the City may mobilize additional equipment or contract with private construction companies to plow and remove snow.
  • Single axle truck w/plow - 2000
  • Single axle truck with plow/spreader - 2002
  • Single axle truck with plow/spreader -1992
  • Single axle truck with plow/spreader - 2003
  • Double axle truck with plow/spreader - 2005
  • Caterpillar front-end loader - 2007
  • Caterpillar  130G grader - 1989
  • ATV w/plow - 1999    

The Goal of the Green River Snow Operations is:

Minimize the impact of winter storms on the streets of Green River

A Snow Removal Plan has been prepared and adopted for the City. Within the plan are several objectives, including:
  • Have snow removal and sanding services available twenty-four hour per day, seven days per week, to be able to respond to storm events and emergencies
  • Beginning with priority streets, plow all snow from the travel lanes (to bare pavement if possible), from the center of the roadway to the edge. Every attempt will be made to keep from plowing snow on the sidewalk
  • To control costs, plow, sand and clean up non-emergency events during regular working hours as much as possible
  • When time and funds are available, in addition to plowing, crews will remove snow from City streets

Street Priority
It is physically impossible to control snow and ice accumulation on all streets simultaneously, therefore, a priority system for plowing and sanding the streets of Green River has been developed. To ensure the passage of emergency services vehicles and the majority of the traveling public, our priority street list consists of many of the main roads throughout the City. Streets and areas not on the priority list are attended to as soon after the priority streets as possible. If conditions deteriorate, it is not uncommon to pull off of non-priority streets to once again attend to the priority list. To cut costs, residential streets are cleared primarily during working hours, depending on conditions

First Priority Streets and Areas:
  • Uinta Dr.
  • Riverview Dr.
  • Flaming Gorge Way     
  • Astle Ave.
  • 2nd South           
  • Monroe Ave.
  • School Zones

Second Priority Streets and Areas:
  • West Teton Blvd.  
  • Hitching Post Dr.
  • East Teton Blvd.
  • Indian Hills Dr.
  • Shoshone Ave.   
  • Upland Way
  • Bridger Dr.      
  • Colorado Dr.

Sidewalks and Driveways
It is the responsibility of the owner or tenant of any premises to remove snow and/or ice from their sidewalk as soon as possible. Although our snow plowing process pushes snow to the side of the road, we make every effort to prevent pushing snow on the sidewalk. To prevent inadvertently creating a driving hazard, we ask that you pile snow next to your driveway or on your lawn. Do not push the snow back on to the street

Winter Driving Tips
Exercise extreme care when driving in inclement weather. Driving on snow-packed and icy roads requires your full attention and demands most of your driving skills. A few basic guidelines to remember when driving this winter are:
  • During a snowstorm, you can help City crews by not parking on streets when possible. Especially on the Priority Streets.
  • Remember to brake slowly.
  • During times of poor road conditions, allow extra room between you and the vehicle ahead of you.
  • During times of reduced visibility, watch for disabled vehicles and pedestrians, especially around schools.
  • Be patient, drive at reduced speeds and allow plenty of travel time to reach your destination.
  • Keep your windshield clean at all times.

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