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Automated Residential Trash Collection

The Green River Solid Waste Division operates a fully automated collection system. The City provides specialized 90 gallon capacity plastic containers for the automated system to residents. These residents roll their containers to the curb for collection.

We have prepared and answered some of the more common questions asked about the system.

What is automated trash collection?
Fully automated trash collection features a one person crew using a special collection truck with a lifting device mounted on the side which will reach out to grasp, lift, and dump in about 10 seconds from a specialized trash container provided by the City.  All lifting is accomplished by mechanical means.   The homeowner will no longer have to haul heavy metal trash cans or garbage bags to the curb or alley; just one easy rolling container that holds a week's worth of trash.  Employees no longer have to lift heavy, cumbersome objects or loads.

The containers are sturdy, with a secure lid that will keep animals out of your trash, and trash out of your yards. The lid also discourages flies and other bugs, while helping to reduce odor. The container is made from polyethylene and will not react with most household materials. The smooth interior is very durable and easily cleaned with a rinse of the hose. The system is more efficient, quieter, and cleaner.

What is the cost?
Residential trash collection is a monthly fee based off the operational cost of the Solid Waste division.   The first special automated trash collection container will be provided by the City at a cost of $31.50 per month.  A second container may be requested at a cost of $31.50 per month.  

What is the pickup schedule?
Residential trash is collected once per week.   Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day pick up will be the following business day. For Thanksgiving, Thursday's trash will be picked up on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Friday's trash will be picked up on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Notices for changes in the regular schedule will be sent to the local newspaper, the City’s website and via social media.    

What are the rules?
Residential containers should be out for collection by 7 am on collection day and brought back as soon as possible after the truck has been by. 

Automated trucks are out on route beginning at 5:30 am to collect commercial waste and can begin residential routes by 7 am. 

Depending on circumstances, collection will not necessarily be the same time of the day week after week. Therefore, have the containers out first thing in the morning on your collection day to ensure collection. Please position the container in the gutter off the sidewalk and away from obstructions such as cars, mailboxes, and fences to allow the collection truck easy access for pick up. This will allow for the automated trucks to collect the waste with less chance of damaging the containers.  Point the arrow on the container away from your home toward the street with the handle facing your home.

At times, under very windy conditions, loose papers and other light trash tends to get away and pollute our City. To help us keep the City free of blowing trash we encourage you to put loose trash in bags, or "bag it" before putting it in the container.

Customers shall not put in containers, heavy or damaging materials such as large quantities of dirt, sod, rocks, concrete, large appliances, furniture, or car parts; flammable or hazardous materials such as oil, gas, or paint; or bulky materials such as construction materials. Cardboard should be recycled or cut into small pieces and placed in container for disposal.

These containers are plastic and can melt or catch fire. Hot ashes when not properly cooled and placed in these containers can be very dangerous and damaging!

Only trash that is in the container will be collected. The lid should be closed to prevent blowing trash and attracting flies. Excess trash should be held over to the next week or the homeowner may call for a special pickup (flatbed service) for a fee. Twice a year the City provides free flatbed service during announced spring and fall clean up weeks.

Green Waste Drop-Off Sites
Knowing how bulky lawn wastes can be, the City has provided green waste drop-off sites at various locations throughout the City.  The dumpsters are marked with a green and white sticker. Please use these dumpsters for green waste only, signage is provided on each dumpster. 

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