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Child Restraint Law
Law Requirements
Except as otherwise provided in subsection of this section, no person shall operate a passenger vehicle in this state unless each child who is a passenger in that vehicle and who has not reached his ninth birthday is properly secured in a child safety restraint system in a seat of the vehicle other than the front seat, except if the vehicle is only equipped with one (1) row of seats, or if all safety belts in the rows of seats behind the front seat are in use by other child passengers in the vehicle the child may be properly secured in a child safety restraint system in the front passenger seat of the vehicle, except that a rear-facing infant seat shall not be placed in front of an active airbag.

Primary Law Enforcement Law
Wyoming's child restraint law in termed as a "primary" law enforcement law. That means, when an officer witnesses an unrestrained child in a vehicle, he/she may make a traffic stop and issued a citation to the driver. The fine for a first offense is $50, for a second or thereafter, $100. Please contact the Green River Police Department at (307) 872-0555 in regards to any questions or assistance.

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