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GRPD Community Services - Code Enforcement
CSO Supervisor Tracy Wyant
CSO Supervisor Tracy Wyant
The community services division consists of the following sections:

Animal Control
  • Pet Licencing
  • Shelter
  • Adopt a Pet
  • GRPD Animal Programs

Nuisance Enforcement 
  • Weeds
  • Parking
  • Obstructed View
  • Nuisance Property

Work Restitution

CSO Supervisor-Tracy Wyant
Police Dispatch
Ph: (307) 875-1400

Ph: (307) 872-0570
Green River, WY  82935

Monday - Sunday
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Officers are available outside these hours - Call Dispatch (307) 875-1400

Officers Duty Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Extended Summer Shelter Hours
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Animal Control

The Animal Shelter is home to the Green River Animal Control, 
this division consists of two full-time Animal Control Officers and two part-time Animal Control Officers. 

ACO's patrol our City looking for lost or stray animals and respond to animal calls within the city limits.

ACO's handle calls such as;

If you have a problem with any animal, whether yours, your neighbor's, or a wild animal that is not where it should be or is doing something you wish it weren't, call Dispatch.

If we can't help, we may know who can or how you may be able to fix it yourself.

Call us if;

  • You see a stray animal  
  • You suspect there is an animal in danger or a victim of cruelty.
  • There is a dangerous or vicious animal (Please do not approach)
  • You or someone you know is bitten by an animal
  • You need to rent a live animal trap

For a full list of Green River city animal ordinances visit  

City License
Pet Licensing

Licensing your pet is a requirement in Green River, per ordinance (6-31 License required). 

Pet licenses can be obtained at the Green River Police Department, Animal Control Shelter or both Veterinary Clinics in Green River. 

All cats, dogs, and ferrets over the age of six months must be licensed with the City of Green River. 

To obtain a City license, the owner must provide a current Rabies Certificate at the time the license is issued.

License Fees

  • Pets spayed/neutered - $10.00
  • Non-spayed/neutered - $30.00

Licenses coincide with your Rabies vaccine and will expire when your Rabies vaccination expires and/or from two years past the date the Rabies vaccination was given.

Owners of any pets not eligible for licensing must obtain a permit from the City Administrator

If you are looking to renew your pet licenses, please view our City of Green River  Animal Control License From

Animal Control Shelter
Animal Control Shelter
Animals Taken into the Animal Shelter

All animals impounded up by the Green River Police Department are taken to the Green River Animal Shelter. Once the animal is booked in, every attempt will be made to locate the owner. 

Fees to reclaim a pet from the animal shelter are:
  • $20 impound fee plus
  • $5 per day board

Any animal, not retrieved after 5 days will become the property of the Green River Animal Shelter and can be put up for adoption unless arrangements have been made.
Exclusions: Animal bites, cruelty cases, and vicious animals.

Adopt Me
Adoption Event 2018

At our shelter we have a very high adoption rate, we treat each animal that comes our way with great care and compassion. We make every attempt to place an animal in a good forever home. 

We participate in many different adoption events throughout the year. The animals we still can't place still have a chance, we have many organizations and rescues that have helped us place animals.  

Small Town Community Cats
Pet Finder
Lucky's Place

Adoption Fees:

  • Kittens* (under 12 months) $20
  • Puppies* (under 12 months) $40
  • Cats* (over 12 months) $10
  • Dogs* (over 12 months) $30
  • Other (Rabbits, Ferrets, Turtles, etc.) $20.00

*Pets are not spayed or neutered unless they come in that way. 

Food Bank Drive 2018
Food Bank Drive 2018
Check out our GRPD programs page to see some of GRPD Animal Control's sponsored programs.

  • Reduced price vaccine clinics
  • Reduced price spay and neuter clinics
  • Animal food/supply drives

Nuisance Enforcement
Stop Sign Visibility
Stop Sign Visibility Under Ord. 17-2

The nuisance enforcement officer patrols our City looking for nuisance properties, parking violations and responds to calls in reference to violations of City ordinances in chapter 17, and chapter 24 to include;

Work Restitution
This section is also in charge of the work restitution program and works closely with the Municipal Court and City Prosecutor to facilitate this program.

Please contact the Municipal Court for more information on the work restitution program. 

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