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General Detectives

Detective Sergeant: 872-6167
Detective Corporal: 872-6188

     This section is supervised by the Detective Sergeant and Detective Corporal who also assist in supervising the other sections in the Investigative Division. This section consists of three investigators whose primary responsibilities include:

Processing crime scenes
Identifying, locating, and interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects
Executing search warrants
Identifying and collecting various types of evidence
Identifying, locating and apprehending suspects
Recovering stolen property
Preparing cases for criminal prosecution

      The majority of the detectives time is spent on investigating burglaries, larcenies, assaults, fraud, forgery, identity theft, sexual assaults. They work with other local law enforcement agencies to locate suspects who are responsible for committing crimes in this area.

      This section has put together a pamphlet on the types of fraud that we have/are experiencing here in Green River and Sweetwater County.

     If you have information about any crime that has occurred in Green River or anywhere, call any of the numbers listed above.

Don't get caught up in fraud, read more or download the brochure.

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives (ATF)---
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)---
Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) ---
Postal Inspectors--
Secret Service---
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)---
Alcohol and Crime in Wyoming---
Sweetwater County Family Justice Center---

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