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Narcotics Officer
Narcotics Officer
 The Investigation Unit currently has one investigator assigned to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation Drug Task Force for Southwest Wyoming (SWET), which is partially funded by a federal HIDTA Grant.

Investigations are focused on drug trafficking organizations and individuals who are bringing drugs into Southwest Wyoming and the local community. This also includes highway interdictions and Clandestine Laboratories.

SWET works with the local and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies because many people who commit crimes are involved in drug activity. Information provided by these agencies assists investigators in cases which result in arrests.

Narcotics investigators are seeing an increase in abuse, especially by juveniles, of over the counter (OTC) medications and Ecstasy. Juveniles are using OTC meds to get “high” as they are easily accessible.  Some of the over the counter medications being taken by juveniles include DayQuil, NightQuil, and Robitussin. 

These contain a drug called Dextromethorphan (DXM), which causes the high.  DXM’s street names include “Orange Crush”, “Triple C’s”, “Dex”, “Robo” and “Skittles”.

                           nyquil-pic.jpg    robitussin-pic.jpg  coricidin-pic.jpg

Known as the “club drug”, Ecstasy is a popular drug with the teenagers, especially at raves.  Ecstasy is most commonly seen in pill form and has numerous names.
Some of the more popular Ecstasy pills include Blue Butterflies, Pink Mario’s, Hugh Hefner’s, Yellow Ferrari’s, and Green Euros. Ecstasy is fairly inexpensive, making it easier for kids to get their hands on.


Several websites that can be viewed for more information on OTC Medications and Ecstasy are:

For a Drug Guide for Parents, click on the link below.

     If you suspect drug activity going on in your neighborhood please contact the Green River Police Department Dispatch at 875-1400 to speak with an officer. 

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