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Special Response Team
Special Response Team
The Green River Police Department has a large Special Response Team. The team's main responsibilities are to respond to hostage incidents, active gunman, barricaded subjects, high risk warrant service,or any other situation requiring a larger than usual number of officers.

Officers assigned to the S.R.T. must complete a selection process that includes a physical fitness course, marksman course, and oral interview. S.R.T. officers train as a team for 30 hours monthly and attend other specialized training programs. The Green River Police Departments Special Response Team also responds to calls from other agencies throughout the state.

The GRPD S.R.T. has been requested at critical incidents in Sweetwater, Teton, Fremont, and Carbon Counties to assist those agencies in peaceful resolutions of highly volatile situations. The S.R.T. has received the appreciation and praise of County Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and Governor Geringer for their professionalism and dedication to duty in assisting to resolve these incidents.

Special Response Team
The goal of the S.R.T. is to protect the public and fellow Officers through continued training and implementation of the latest tactical equipment and procedures. The Special Response Team also trains frequently with surrounding agencies, including the National Guard, to ensure that everyone is familiar with each other and willing assist if needed

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