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American Red Cross Swimming Lessons

 Session Name   

 Session Dates

 Registration Deadline


 Fee  Days


 Sept. 10-26

 Thursday, Sept. 6

 Green River Rec. Center

 $30  M/W


 Oct. 8-24

 Thursday, Oct. 4

 Green River Rec. Center

 November  Nov. 5-19  Thursday, Nov. 1
 Green River Rec. Center


 Jan. 7-23  Thursday, Jan. 3  Green River Rec. Center  $30

 Feb.4-20  Thursday, Jan. 31 Green River Rec. Center  $30

Sessions run Monday and Wednesday for three weeks. or Monday through Thursday for two weeks.
CLASS TIMES: 6:00 PM - all levels & 6:35 PM - Level 1 and Level 2 Only

Register at the Green River Recreation Center during regular facility hours or online.

Fees: Parent and Child Aquatics through Level 6 - $30
Class size minimum is 3
Class size maximum is 5

Parent and Child Aquatics
Ages 6 months to 3 years
The purpose of this class is to familiarize children to the water and prepare them to learn to swim in the American Red Cross Preschool Aquatics or Learn-to-Swim courses. In Parent and Child Aquatics, the Instructor directs the learning process of the children through the adult. It is not designed to teach children to become good swimmers or to survive in the water on their own. Length of the class is 30 minutes.

Preschool Aquatics/Level 1
Ages 4 and over
Purpose: To orient preschool-age children to the aquatic environment and to help them acquire rudimentary levels of basic aquatic skills. Preschool participants receive a Raffy Learns to Swim full color booklet that reinforces learning
provides parents with additional information about their child's progress. Length of class is 30 minutes. Classes at 6:30 pm & 7:05 pm for this level and Level 2 only.

Preschool/Level 1 students learn to:
Enter and exit water safely; submerge mouth, nose, and eyes; blow bubbles through mouth and nose; bobbing; open eyes underwater; submerge to pick up object; experience wearing a life jacket; front and back floats and glides and recover to a vertical position; roll from front to back and back to front; tread water using arm and leg actions; combined, alternating and
simultaneous arm and leg actions on front and back; learn how to stay safe, including recognizing an emergency and knowing how to call for help. Skills must be performed without assistance or support before moving to Level 2.

Level 2-Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Must have Preschool Aquatics/Level 1 Completion Certificate
Purpose: Gives students success with fundamental skills. Level 2 students learn to float without support and to recover to a vertical position. This level marks the beginning of true locomotion skills. Participants further develop simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back that lay the foundation for future strokes. Learn-to-Swim Level
2 participants receive a Waddles in the Deep full-color booklet that reinforces learning and provides parents with additional information about their child's progress. Length of class is 30 minutes. Classes at 6:30 pm & 7:05 pm for this level and Preschool/Level 1 only.

Level 2 participants learn to:

Build on skills from Preschool Aquatics/Level 1; fully submerge and hold breath; tread water; jellyfish and tuck floats; change direction of travel while swimming on front or back; finning; push off and swim using combined arm and leg actions; safety skills.

Level 3-Stroke Development
Must have Level 2
Completion Certificate
Purpose: Builds on the skills in Level 2 through additional guided practice. Students are taught the survival float, front crawl and elementary backstroke. Scissor and dolphin kicks are introduced and the fundamentals of treading water are built on. Participants also learn rules for headfirst entries and begin to learn to enter the water headfirst from a seated position at poolside. Length of class is 45 minutes.

Level 3 participants learn to:
Jump into deep water from the side; dive from sitting and kneeling positions; bob while moving toward safety; perform rotary breathing; survival float; swim front crawl and elementary backstroke; change from vertical to horizontal position on front and back in deep water; scissor, flutter and dolphin kicks; perform reaching assists.

Level 4-Stroke Improvement
Must have Level 3
Completion Certificate

Purpose: To develop confidence in the strokes learned thus far and improve other aquatic skills. Learn-to-Swim Level 4 participants improve their skills and increase their endurance by swimming familiar strokes )front crawl, elementary backstroke for greater distances. Participants add the arms to the scissor kick for the sidestroke and start to learn the back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly and the basics of turing at a wall. Length of class is 45 minutes.

Level 4 participants learn to:
Dive from compact and stride positions; swim underwater; perform feet-first surface dive; swim front crawl, back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, perform open turns on front/back; tread water using 2 different kicks; use safe diving rules; perform throwing and reaching assists.

Level 5-Stroke Refinement
Must have Level 4 Completion Certificate
Purpose: Provides further coordination and refinement of and increases their distances in the following strokes: front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke. Flip turns on the front and back are also introduced. Length of class is 45 minutes.

Level 5 participants also learn to perform:
Shallow dive and begin swimming; tuck and pike surface dives; sculling; front flip turn; backstroke flip turn; how to call for help and the importance of knowing first aid and CPR.

Level 6-Swimming and Skill Proficiency
Must have Level 5 Completion Certificate
Purpose: Refines all six strokes so students swim them with ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances. Level 6 also introduces other aquatic activities and offers three options - Personal Water Safety, Fundamentals of Diving and Fitness Swimmer. These options focus on preparing students for more advanced courses, such as the Water Safety Instructor Course, or other aquatic activities, such as competitive swimming or diving. Length of class is 45 minutes.

Private Swim Lessons
Private swim lessons are available for youth or adults in 30 minute sessions. Private lessons are based on the availability of pool space and/or availability of Instructors. Register at the Front Desk of the Green River Recreation Center and pay the lesson fee. Within two business days a staff person will contact you to discuss the details. All lessons must be paid at least two days in advance. No refunds will be issued if cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance. No more than two students per lesson.
Fees are: $20 per one half-hour for 1 student or $35 per one half-hour for 2 students

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For complete details on available programs, pick up the most current brochure at the Recreation Center or City Hall:

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For more information, please contact the Green River Recreation Center at (307) 872-0511 ext. 0. 

 Green River Rec. Center

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