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Utility Rate Explanation

All utility rates by Wyoming State Statutes must be “self-sustaining”.  What this means to the Citizens of Green River is that Water, Sewer, and Solid Waste must make enough money to keep operating.  These services cannot rely on money from other sources.

Your minimum water rate is $16.96 per month.  This amount can be broken down as follows: $7.16 pays for the water pipes, pump stations, and other building that bring you water.  $4.70 pays the Joint Powers Water Board for filtering and cleaning the water that comes out of the river and labor and other day-to-day operations the City provides to our customers.  The last component is $5.10.  This amount covers the maintenance/replacement of old and wore out pipes, pumps, and water value pressure systems.  Many citizens have a water bill that exceeds the minimum rate of $16.96.  Every citizen charged for 2,004 gallons of water each month.  Citizens using more than 2,004 gallons are charge a declining per gallon rate.  This rate covers the majority of the costs from the Joint Powers Water Board.

The wastewater rate for our customers is $13.48 per month.  The fixed cost for treatment of the water and the buildings and structures to get the sewage to the plant is costing $4.76 and the labor and other day-to-day operations costs $11.82.  The total costs are $3.10 more than what the City charges our customers per month.  Also, there are not funds available to replace old and wore out pipes, pumps and other equipment necessary to provide quality service to our customers.  A rate hike in small increments is needed to sustain this operation.

The Solid waste rate for our customers is $19.37 per month.  The fixed cost for the landfill and equipment associated with collecting garbage burying it is $4.69.  The variable cost for the labor and other day-to-day operations cost $11.78.  There is some money set aside for equipment replacement and the digging of additional holes (cells) to bury garbage.  This cost is $2.90.

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