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Mosquito Control

Summer Mosquito Control

The Parks and Recreation Department will be implementing many measures to keep the mosquito population down this season but there are steps that individuals and households can take that will make a positive impact too. The single most important thing to do is eliminate standing water on your property. Consider taking these easy steps to help us with mosquito abatement:

? Clean your gutters and bird baths

? Empty the "kiddie pool" when not in use

? Remove standing water from old tires and other yard objects

? Avoid over watering your lawn

? Eliminate weeds on and near your property

Mosquitoes transmit disease, for your protection, wear long sleeves and pants when outside between dusk and dawn, and apply bug spray.

The First mosquito flyover is scheduled around May 31 depending on weather conditions with a follow scheduled for late June. The mosquito flyover is a preventative measure, the purpose is to target mosquito larvae. The Pilot releases a natural substance over large areas of standing water. On the ground, Parks’ staff adds a similar natural Larvacide in a "biscuit" form to smaller areas of standing water on City property.

Follow these links to view Chemical Information for Larvacide and Fogger insecticide. 

Larvacide Label with ingredients and warnings. 

 Larvacide Safety Data Sheet 

Residential mosquito fogging generally begins a bit later in the season. The Fogging is not a preventative measure; it kills adult mosquitos on contact and is used as such. There is no residual effect of Fogging, meaning that it is a short-term immediate fix. The City owns only one mosquito fogger; it takes the City a week to get through the entire town. To have your address to the "no fogging list" please contact 872-6151 

2016 Fogging Schedule and Map 

Follow these links to view Chemical Information for Adulticide (Fogger) 

Adulticide Label with ingredients and warnings. 

 Adulticide Fogger Safety Data Sheet. 

Parks’ staff monitors the mosquito nuisance levels throughout the season applying more larvacide "biscuits", conducting Fogging in neighborhoods and flyovers.

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