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Jury Duty
Jury Duty
If you have been called for Jury Duty, you will be serving as a potential juror in the Municipal Court for six months. Jurors are randomly selected from licensed drivers and registered voters by the Wyoming Supreme Court. To be able to serve on a Jury is one of the most important civil obligations a citizen has the opportunity to perform. 

Once the questionnaire has been completed and returned to this court, you will be notified by mail when you are to report for a trial. You must inform the court of any change of address, employer or if you’ve had your name changed. You must also notify the court of any pre-scheduled vacations, business trips, doctor’s appointments, etc. as soon as your plans are made and before receiving a letter summoning you to The Municipal Court for a specific trial. 

Jurors are paid a jury service fee allowed by Wyoming State Law of $30.00 per day after the conclusion of the jury trial. Prior to the day of Jury Trial, please contact this court after 4:00 PM to verify if the trial is still proceeding at 307-872-0552. 

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