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Administration Responsibilities
The City Administrator makes recommendations to City Council on issues concerning legislation, financial programs, capital improvements, and City services. The Administration Department is charged with the following responsibilities:
  • Administers policies and programs approved by the City Council
  • Evaluates and monitors staff's progress on established policies and programs
  • Fosters greater employee awareness of City problems, programs, and priorities
  • Acts as liaison / coordinator between the City Council and staff
  • Oversees the activities of all department heads and makes upper level management decisions involving departmental workloads
  • Coordinates overall planning and review of all municipal operations with the aid of department heads
  • Exercises authority to hire and remove all City employees including department heads
  • Provides timely information to City Council members concerning state, local, or federal legislation which may impact the City
  • Analyzes trends and programs for enhanced service delivery
  • Presents ideas, concepts, and options to improve community and organizational viability
  • Responds to citizen and Council inquiries regarding City programs and services
  • Acts as liaison and works to resolve mutual local problems through various intergovernmental agencies
  • Makes recommendations and expediently resolves issues that come before the City Council
  • With the Mayor, prepares the agendas of City Council meetings and workshops
  • Prepare plans and programs for the Council's consideration in anticipation of future needs and services
  • Oversees the annual preparation of the budget and submits it to the governing body for their review, amendment, and adoption
  • Authorizes the expenditure of funds up to an aggregated amount of $7,500 per emergency
  • Reviews and evaluates the City's organizational structure and operational functions, ensuring full utilization of manpower and resources in service to the public

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