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City Employee Wellness
Workplace Wellness

Vision Statement

The City of Green River’s Wellness Program is committed to supporting all City employees and their dependents on their path to well-being by providing empowering health information, engaging wellness activities and health opportunities thus improving your life and longevity. Improving lives, morale, productivity, and quality of life for employees, families, and the City. 


  1. To reduce health risks through engagement.
  2. To empower employees to make healthy and informed choices.
  3. To encourage wellness through education and physical activity.
  4. To provide resources to help employees on their way to wellness.
  5. To celebrate employees who take action to improve their health status.
  6. To reduce overall health care cost for employees, their families, and the City.


2018 Dates: Year Long Competition

·         January 11 & 12 - March 8 &9 - January Flyer

·         March 8 & 9 - May 3 & 4 - March Flyer

·         May 3 & 4 - June 28 & 29 - May Flyer

·         June 28 & 29 - August 23 & 24 - 

·         August 23 & 24 - October 18 & 19 - 

·         October 18 & 19 - December 13 & 14 - 

Walk Across Wyoming - Flyer Tracking Sheet


Health Clinic - coming Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 
            6:00am-9:00am at the Green River Recreation Center
    Walk-ins are always welcome - APPOINTMENT SHEET(click here)

Health Clinic - coming Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 
            6:00am-9:00am at the Green River Recreation Center
    Walk-ins are always welcome - APPOINTMENT SHEET(no one yet)

Pricing – click here (updated for 2018)

Lets you know what tests are available as well as their cost. 

Preventive Blood Draw Screenings – click here
Lets you know what is covered by BCBS of Wyoming (City Employees) and how often they are covered.

Preventive & Wellness Benefits – click here
this is just some extra information letting you know what is covered by BCBS of Wyoming (City Employees).

Authorization for Fax Release – click here
is a release you can fill out to turn into Wyoming Health Fairs personnel at the clinic to get your documents sent directly to your doctor in 3-5 business days.

Medical Claim Form – click here
is a form you can fill out and send (with your receipt) to BCBS of Wyoming to submit for refunds you are qualified for, based on Document 2 “Preventive Blood Draw Screenings.” We will have pre-addressed envelopes for you at the clinic and an example on how to fill the form out if you are not sure.

Great Websites with valuable Health Information - &

Employee Wellness Programs - In Progress

·         Wellness Calendar - coming soon

·         Employee Survey - coming soon

·         BINGO - TBD

·         Wellness Luncheons - TBD


  •          Lose it! Track it! Win it! Competition - Winner History
  •          Lose it! Track it! Win it! Competition – Statistics

Totals from each Competition

  •          Success Stories - coming soon

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