View the City of Green River's Parks and what we have to offer via an interactive map at the following link:

Parks Projects  Municipal areas MAP 4-2010

1. Thomas Moran Park - Located next to the Chamber of Commerce, this park features picnic shelters, picnic tables, and an open recreational area for relaxation. 

2. Castle Rock Park - This park features a walking/jogging path as well as a soccer field.

3. Centennial Park - This spot is perfect for family gatherings as it includes a large picnic gazebo, picnic tables, playground equipment, restrooms, drinking fountains, and benches.

4. Evers Park -  With many different recreational opportunities, this park holds a spray park, baseball field, playground equipment, BBQ grills, horseshoe pits, picnic tables, a large gazebo, and more. 

5. Expedition Park - With a wide open field, updated playground equipment, and picnic shelters, this spot is perfect for family gatherings.

6. Riverside Memorial Park - This park features a playground, river access, access to the Green Belt Pathway System, and picnic shelters.

7. Collier Park - One of the most popular parks in Green River, this park features play equipment, picnic tables, a baseball field, restrooms, BBQ grills, soccer fields, and more. 

8. Hutton Park I - One of our smaller parks in Green River, this park features picnic tables, play equipment, and park benches.

9. Hutton Park II - This park is featuring picnic tables, half a basketball court, curbside parking, and park benches.

10. Hoover Park - This park is completely ADA compliant and features play equipment, picnic tables, picnic shelters, and an open field.

11. Jaycee Park - This park is a little league baseball field that features bleachers, Green Belt Pathway access, river access, and portable restrooms. 

12. Andrews Park - This park is great for children as it features play equipment with swings and slides.

13. Anvil Park - Featuring a large play equipment area, this park also includes a picnic shelter. 

14. Clearview Park - Clearview Park includes play equipment, picnic shelters, picnic tables, and a large open area.

15. Stratton Myers - One of the largest parks we have in Green River, this park holds soccer fields, baseball fields, softball fields, ponds, picnic shelters, and much more. 

16. Veterans Park - Holding a baseball field and small play area, this park also holds bleacher, restrooms, and park benches. 

17. Indian Hills Park - This park holds many recreational opportunities as it has play equipment, sand volleyball, basketball, a large open field, picnic shelters, and picnic tables. 

18.Apache Trail Park - Featuring play equipment, picnic tables, picnic shelters, BBQ grills, and an open field. 

19. Logan Park - This neighborhood park provides small play equipment.

20. Medicine Bow Park - This park holds 2 full size basketball courts, BBQ grills, picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and more. 

21. Pioneer Park - With an open field and play equipment, this park is perfect to go out and recreate. 

22. Edgewater Park - This park is a perfect place to gather around with family and friends as it features brand new play equipment, BBQ grills, a picnic shelter, sand volleyball, tennis courts, and more. 

23G. FMC Park - Sitting right next to Scott's Bottom Nature Area you will find an outdoor archery range and more space to take beautiful nature walks. 

24H. Scott's Bottom Nature Area - A perfect spot to nature walk and gather together with friends and family. 

25. Wyoming Park - Featuring a wide open field, baseball field, play equipment, picnic shelter, and BBQ grill.

26. Overlook Park - This is a great spot to relax and enjoy the Green River view.